Around the World with Soda

19 May 2023
Around the World with Soda

At George’s, we want to provide you with a taste of home, no matter where you’re from. And everyone pretty much everywhere loves a cold soda every now and then! Here are just a few of our favorite international sodas, hand-picked by Geraldo, one of our managers!

Jamaica - Jamaican Ginger Beer

No, it’s not the same as ginger ale. Jamaican ginger beer is a fermented, nonalcoholic drink that’s known for its intense flavors and, in some cases, spice. Ginger ale is much lighter and sweeter in comparison. 

In Jamaica, ginger beer is a popular soft drink sold in stores, and homemade ginger beer is commonly made in many households around the holidays. 

At George’s, we carry a Jamaican ginger beer made by D&G (Desnoes and Geddes Limited), the same company that makes the iconic Red Stripe line of Jamaican beers. So you know it’s good!

Mexico - Jarritos

We can’t talk about international sodas without talking about Jarritos. Founded in Mexico in 1950, Jarritos, meaning “little jugs,” was the best-selling soft drink brand in Mexico by 1960. Its name refers to the small jugs from which aguas frescas would be sold. Coincidentally, those jugs were green and orange - just like the Jarritos logo! 

The most popular flavors are Lime (shown here) and Mandarin Orange; however, those are nowhere near the only two: the colorful flavors of Jarritos can fill a whole shelf at the grocery store! 

At George’s, we sell a whole rainbow of Jarritos flavors. Come see our selection for yourself! 

Peru - Inca Kola

Inca Kola (also known as “The Golden Kola”) has a sweet, fruity flavor derived from the main ingredient, lemon verbena. Americans usually compare the flavor to bubblegum or cream soda. In some international markets it’s labeled as a “champagne cola.”

This soda is a source of national pride in Peru. During the 70s and 80s, it used the common slogan “el sabor del Peru” or “the taste of Peru.” It was so popular that McDonald’s in Peru started carrying it! 

Looking for a taste? Inca Kola can be found at George’s. 

Venezuela - Frescolita

Frescolita is a popular Venezuelan cola that also has a bubblegum flavor, like Inca Kola above, and has many similarities with red cream sodas that are sold here in the States. It’s one of the most popular drinks in Venezuela, alongside Hit (a fruity, carbonated soda similar to Fanta) and Chinotto (a Venezuelan version of Sprite).

Because of the flavor and carbonation, Frescolita can even be used as a baking ingredient - like this Frescolita bizcocho, complete with a Frescolita glaze! Be sure to pick up a Frescolita the next time you’re at George’s!

Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico - Malta Goya

“Malta” refers to a carbonated malt drink that’s brewed from barley, hops, and water. It’s described as a middle ground between a beer and a cola. The drink often looks like beer - but since it’s non-alcoholic, kids can enjoy it too. 

Malta Goya, specifically, is a richly-flavored, sweet malta beverage made by the Goya company (yes, THAT Goya company). It’s one of the most popular brands of malta in the Caribbean and South American countries, but especially in the Dominican Republic (where the drink is produced) and in Puerto Rico (who introduced it to the USA). 

Looking for a special way to enjoy your malta? Malta Goya can be mixed with ice cream or even “combined with condensed milk for a special treat.”

Did you see a soda you recognized? If not, be sure to check out George’s refrigerated case for our full selection of international drinks, smoothies, and sodas. You’re sure to find something familiar, something delicious, or both!

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