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Experience Unique International Meats in Fort Wayne at George's International Market

Welcome to the Meat Department at George's International Market, your go-to destination for unique international meats in Fort Wayne. Our knowledgeable and friendly butchers are always ready to guide you, helping you find the perfect cut of meat for your dinner or special event.

Not sure what you are looking for? Just ask one of the friendly butchers behind the counter for help with finding the perfect cut of meat for your dinner or event.


Visit us on Saturday or Sunday for some of our exceptional secrets. Experience our Menudo Soup (also available daily at the Taqueria), Carnitas, Barbacoa, and Chicharones with meat. Don't worry if you prefer your Chicharones without meat - we have them available daily, just for you.

Extensive and Customizable Selection

The heart of our Meat Department is our extensive and fully customizable selection of meats. From succulent pork cuts like Pork Feet, Pork Chops, Pork Short Ribs to delectable beef cuts like Beef Chunks, Beef Liver, Beef Strips Steak, you will always find something to satisfy your meat cravings.

Our poultry lovers are not left out, as we offer an array of chicken cuts like breaded chicken, buffalo chicken wings, and marinated chicken breasts.

  • Pork Cuts
    Pork Feet, Pork Chops, Pork Short Ribs, and more
  • Beef Cuts
    Beef Chunks, Beef Liver, Beef Strips Steak, and more
  • Chicken Cuts
    Breaded chicken, buffalo chicken wings, marinated chicken breasts, and more

Seafood Delights

For our seafood enthusiasts, we offer an assortment of fresh selections including Tilapia, Catfish, and Shrimp among others. All chosen with the utmost care to ensure you get the finest quality seafood.

  • Seafood

    Tilapia, Catfish, shrimp, and more

Discover unique international meats in Fort Wayne and enjoy an authentic culinary journey at George's International Market. Experience our extensive and varied selection and elevate your meals with the best meats in town.

Authentic Tradition