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Money Services at George’s

Fast, Secure, and Convenient Financial Solutions

At George’s service counter, we understand the importance of reliable and convenient financial transactions in your daily life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of money services designed to meet your diverse needs. From sending money across the globe to paying your local utility bills, George’s is your one-stop solution for secure and efficient financial services.

Our Money Services Include:

  • Money Orders

    Secure payment method for your peace of mind.

  • Check Cashing

    Fast cash when you need it. Services include cashing checks of up to $100 for a nominal fee of $1, and for checks over $100, a competitive 1% fee applies.

  • Global Money Transfer

    Partnering with leading providers like Western Union, Intercambio, and Intermex, we offer rapid money transfer services to destinations worldwide.

  • International Prepaid Phone Reloads

    Stay connected with loved ones by easily reloading international prepaid phones and minutes directly from our service counter.

  • Fax Services

    Send important documents with our reliable fax services.

Pay your bills at George’s

Streamline your bill payments by utilizing George’s efficient payment processing service. Pay your bills for utilities and services including:

AEP | Nipsco | Dish Network | DIRECTV | AT&T | Sprint | Verizon | Frontier | Waste Management | Comcast | Xfinity
Authentic Tradition

Why Choose George’s for Your Financial Services?

For all your financial service needs, visit George’s International Market’s service counter. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you with secure, fast, and reliable money services. Remember, at George’s, we’re not just about groceries; we’re about making your life easier with our comprehensive money service business solutions.

  • Convenience

    Enjoy a wide range of financial services under one roof.

  • Speed

    Our services are designed to save you time with quick transactions.

  • Trust

    Rely on George’s for secure handling of all your financial needs.

  • Global and Local

    Whether you’re paying local bills or sending money overseas, we’ve got you covered.