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Deli Fresh! Shop Fresh Cut Meats & Cheeses At Our Deli!

Your Deli Destination for Prime Meats and Artisan Cheeses
16 January 2024
Deli Fresh! Shop Fresh Cut Meats & Cheeses At Our Deli!

When you step into George’s International Market, you enter a world where the old-world charm of a deli counter meets the needs of modern epicureans. Our Deli Department is an homage to the diversity and richness of international flavors, offering an array of fresh cut meats, artisan cheeses, and gourmet olives that are sure to inspire any meal, gathering, or culinary experiment.

Olives: A Mediterranean Odyssey

Our olive selection is a treasure trove of Mediterranean delights. Immerse yourself in the rich, fruity flavors of our Krinos Kalamata olives, a staple in any olive aficionado's diet. For those who enjoy a milder taste, our Krinos Greek green olives offer a subtle, buttery flavor. Venture further with Krinos Moroccan olives, cured in a unique blend of herbs and oils, delivering a taste that is both exotic and familiar. And for an impressive addition to any dish or platter, our Krinos jumbo Kalamata olives are not only flavorful but also a visually striking choice.

Cheeses: From Classic Fetas to Melting Quesos

The cheese offerings at George’s are thoughtfully curated to please the connoisseur in everyone. Experience the salt-kissed goodness of Krinos French Feta and the velvety consistency of traditional Greek Feta. Indulge in the robust flavor of Bulgarian Feta or savor the smoothness of Bulgarian Creamy Cheese. For those with a taste for the unique, we offer blocks of sharp Kafalotyri cheese and rich sheep's cheese. Our selection extends to the Americas with the creamy melt of Queso Blanco, the spicy kick of Pepperjack, the classic taste of Swiss and Muenster, and the mild and melty Quesadilla cheese, all sliced fresh and ready to grace your table.

Meats: The Deli’s Pride

At our deli, the meats are a point of pride, selected for their quality and flavor. For the adventurous palate, we offer specialties like the spiced Polish brand ham and the dense, savory pork head cheese. Traditional favorites aren't forgotten, with a selection that includes Carando’s succulent summer sausages, FUD’s richly flavored cooked ham, and El Mexicano’s tender turkey ham. The gourmet experience continues with finely textured Mortadella, rich pork cured patty loaf, and the deep, smoky notes of Black Forest ham. Whether you’re assembling a charcuterie board or making the ultimate sandwich, our meats are cut to order, promising freshness in every slice.

Ready to Serve for Every Occasion

At George's International Market, our deli is always set to meet your needs—whether you're preparing for a cozy family gathering, a lavish holiday feast, or stocking up for your culinary experiments. We offer the ease of quick pick-ups while ensuring the freshness and quality of our high-standard deli fare are never compromised.

Expert Guidance at Your Service

Choosing the right deli items can be daunting, but our deli associates are here to turn that uncertainty into confidence. They're more than just staff—they're passionate food enthusiasts committed to helping you make the ideal choice. Whether you're pairing olives with feta for a Mediterranean touch or selecting between Swiss and Pepperjack for a cheese platter, they're eager to assist with expert advice tailored to your preferences.

Experience the George’s Difference

Taste the difference with George's deli selections. Place your order today by calling (260) 420-5565 or come in to explore our wide array of fresh offerings. For added inspiration, check out the culinary ideas on Salsa Grille's Blog. Please remember to place custom orders three days in advance to ensure we meet your exact needs. At George’s, we're crafting more than just meals; we're weaving tradition into every slice.

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Deli Fresh! Shop Fresh Cut Meats & Cheeses At Our Deli!

16 January 2024
Your Deli Destination for Prime Meats and Artisan Cheeses

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